Kick Start Cafe

Open to all of the Kings Hill Estate.

The Kick Start cafe is open to all of the Kings Hill Estate.

Pop in for a chat, browse our wide range of motorbikes, clothing & accessories and enjoy a light bite to eat and a tea or coffee at the same time. Seating inside and out. All Welcome!

Telephone your orders through and either come in and pick it up, or we'll deliver it to the estate for FREE.

Kick Start Cafe Menu


Full English - £5.00
2x Bacon, 1x Sausage, 1x Egg, Mushrooms, Beans, Tomato, Toast.

Large Full English - £7.00
3x Bacon, 2x Sausage, 2x Eggs, Mushrooms, Beans, 2x Tomato, 2x Toast.

Veggie Breakfast - £4.50
2x Tomato, 2x Eggs, Beans, Mushrooms 2x Toast.

Jacket Potatoes

Cheese & Beans - £4.50

Bacon, Cheese & Beans - £5.00

Tuna Mayo - £4.50

All served with a side salad

Sandwich & Rolls

Choose a Roll or Sandwich from these fillings.

Breakfast Bap - £4.00
2x Bacon, 2x Sausage, 1x Egg

Bacon Bap - £3.00
3x Bacon

Sausage - £3.00
2x Sausage

Egg & Bacon - £3.50
2x Bacon, 1x Egg

BLT - £3.00
3x Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato.

Cheese & Tomato - £2.50

Tuna Mayo - £3.00
Tuna, Lettuce & Cucumber.

Variants of the menu available on request.


Burnout Burger - £5.00
2x Burgers, 2x Bacon, Cheese.

Double Cheeseburger - £4.00

Bacon Cheeseburger - £4.50
Burger with 1x Bacon.

Cheeseburger - £3.50

All served with lettuce & Tomato.


Tea - £1.00

Coffee - £1.00

Cans - £1.00

Specials available, see board for details